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Swissprinters is on home ground wherever printed media such as magazines, brochures and catalogues of the highest quality are produced. But we are equally at home on the interfaces (and borderlines) between the worlds of print and electronic media: in areas such as premedia and publishing house services.

We are part of Switzerland's leading media houses, Ringier and NZZ media group. This gives us outstanding access to media know-how; we are excellently integrated into the Swiss media world, and we are part of a major network.

Our production facility is located in Zofingen.


A comprehensive range of media production services with Swiss precision and quality requires experts in a variety of disciplines. At Swissprinters, longstanding employees with comprehensive production expertise are on hand to implement your project successfully. 

People make media. We're ready to turn media into something more.

Alfred Wälti

General Manager

+41 58 787 31 00

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Stephan Gartenmann

Head of Marketing & Sales

+41 58 787 35 91

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Gianni Giordano

Head of Technology

+41 58 787 32 27

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Stephan Meier

Head of Finance & IT 

+41 58 787 30 20

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Corinne Singer

Management Assistant

+41 58 787 31 01

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Eric Wittmann

Head of
Customer service

+41 58 787 32 34 

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Nadia Spiller

Assistant Marketeing & Sales

+41 58 787 33 58

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Reto Müller

Key Account Manager D-CH

+41 79 359 79 64

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Andrew Bayliss

Customer service

+41 58 787 33 56

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Daniela Blaser

Customer service

+41 58 787 36 08

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Franco Boll

Customer service

+41 58 787 36 47

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Alessandro Di Santo

Customer service

+41 79 130 83 32

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Tamara Fini

Customer service

+41 58 787 33 67

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Fredy Hefti

Customer service

+41 58 787 35 30

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Andreas Kalberer

Customer service

+41 58 787 33 08

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Nicolas Kutsomanolakis

Customer service

+41 58 787 37 35

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Rudolf Richard

Cost Estimating

+41 58 787 34 32

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Rudolf Rogenmoser

Customer service

+41 58 787 35 61

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Heinrich Wullschleger

Customer service

+41 58 787 30 31

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Erich Wyder

Customer service

+41 58 787 36 65

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+41 58 787 36 65

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Walter Furrer

Head of Premedia

+41 79 616 49 05

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Frank Geyer

Team Coordinater

+41 58 787 30 81

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Ilona Meyer


+41 58 787 31 93

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Corine d'Aggiano

Application support

+41 76 340 51 21

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Edy Bachmann

Systems specialist

+41 79 209 35 44

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Dragan Aleksic

Head of Finishing

+41 58 787 30 19

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Mike Jaeggi

Head of Prepress

+41 79 249 83 36

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Georg Basler

Head of Planing & Control

+41 58 787 34 03

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Christa Leuenberger

Head of Human Resources

+41 58 787 35 96

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Nicole Tanner

Assistant Human Resources

+41 58 787 31 02

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Mujo Candic

Head of Procurement / Logistics

+41 58 787 31 43

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At the end of the year, Swissprinters discontinued the gravure process and started operating Switzerland's first 72-page web offset plant in Zofingen.

The newly incorporated Swiss Printers AG commenced operations on 1 January.

Death of Hans Ringier at the age of 97. Michael Ringier became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ringier Holding AG, and Martin Werfeli became CEO of the Ringier Group. 

Opening of the printing and finishing centre in Zofingen.

Death of Paul August Ringier. Hans Ringier, his only son, took over as Chairman of the [...] 


We process a natural product: paper. That's why we regard it as our duty to keep any pollution of the environment from our print products to the absolute minimum, and to make a substantial contribution to environmental protection. We take action to protect the climate, and we keep future generations in mind.

  • The raw material for the paper we use originates from sustainably managed forests. We print on FSC-certified papers as well as recycled paper. We optimise the transport routes for delivery of our printed products so as to reduce harmful impacts on the environment.
  • Waste separation and recycling are second nature to us.
  • We are continually cutting back our CO2 emissions, and we offer you the option of climate-neutral web offset printing based on emission-offsetting investments.
  • Our company is a member of the voluntary climate protection programme of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW).
  • We work with the myclimate performance management system that offers companies support and advice as they move towards sustainable production.


At Swissprinters, professional trainers are taking the trainees under their wings. Step by step, they guide you through your workday. They teach you how to properly use the tools and avoid pitfalls. They motivate you and show you how to solve problems. And the training programme is designed to meet the professional requirements.

If you choose Swissprinters for your training, you are sure

  • that it is completed according to professional criteria;
  • that you are able to work with the latest technologies and cutting-edge programmes;
  • that you work where the country’s most important media are produced, such as Schweizer Illustrierte, Glückspost, Bolero, L’Illustré, Beobachter, Tele, etc.


Print media processor

Print media processors ensure that a printed product finishes up in the best possible form. Because it's only when a magazine, periodical or catalogue has been bound, accurately cut and prepared for dispatch that the print product is ready for the last, most important step – which takes place when it reaches the reader and is presented in the best possible light.
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Electrical installer

In a printing company, electrical installers are on hand wherever qualified specialists are needed to service all the electrical equipment on the production line, and to carry out troubleshooting. They are also on hand when new machinery is connected up and commissioned. And when machines need to be brought up to scratch and maintained for further production. So that production can continue to run smoothly, according to plan.
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Print technicial

Print technicians are on hand wherever media are created. Wherever ink meets paper – at the heart of the action. And wherever highly complex printing machines are started up – machines that will soon run at high speed to print large numbers of magazines, brochures, catalogues and supplements on the paper, with perfect colour coordination.
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Graphic specialist

Graphic specialists are closely involved in the creative process. They are on hand when the idea is born, and when ideas are transformed into action. They are on hand where data is generated from ideas so that magazines, leaflets, brochures, catalogues and electronic media will come into being.
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Childcare professional

Care professionals who specialise in childcare are closely involved with communication. They are on hand when children make their first attempts to speak and communicate. They are on hand as children turn into key players in our society. They are on hand as the future readers of our magazines, brochures and catalogues are growing up.
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Logistics specialist

Logistics specialists play a central part in sales and distribution processes – they are in the midst of the action, where purchase orders and contracts are transformed into products and services. They are on hand wherever products such as magazines must be correctly received, checked, booked and delivered with the help of cutting-edge computer systems. But logistics specialists also perform hands-on work with fork-lift trucks or complex conveying systems. Ultimately, it is they who ensure that magazines and brochures are delivered on time to customers' letterboxes, to the post office or the kiosk.
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Commercial specialist

Commercial specialists also have their finger on the pulse of media events in a company where printed material is produced. You are on hand when two worlds meet: the world of printing, and the world of administration. You're on hand when projects are implemented; commercial specialists are in demand wherever there is a need for organisation and administration, on the interface between market and production. They provide support with order processing, contacts between the market and the company, and the development of ideas and projects. You manage dates and numbers, and you must have everything under control. That's why organisational talent is desirable for this career, as well as an interest in administration.
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Production mechanic

Production mechanics are on hand in a printing company whenever qualified specialists are needed to service mechanical plant and carry out troubleshooting on the production line. They are on hand when new machinery is connected up and commissioned. And when machines need to be brought up to scratch and maintained for further production. So that production can continue to run smoothly, according to plan. To make this possible, we need you. If you want to make use of your technical acumen as well as your craftsmanship skills. If you have a flair for work that requires precise motor skills, if you can think logically and if you like working in a team with other departments. It's important that you like working with others, but you should also be happy to work on your own. And you should appreciate handling tools and mechanical equipment.
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