Printing's finished – but our services continue.


Our work continues even after your printing is completed. We cut and fold. We stitch, staple and glue. We address, sort and dispatch. And we use our unique in-house technology to turn your printed material into personalised communication media.

The high quality standards that we aim for in printing apply just as much to our finishing work. Our infrastructure, including adhesive binders and saddle stitchers, offers outstanding performance.




We bring a variety of different services together – and we do the same for countless printed sheets. A high-quality adhesive binding for your premium print products will enhance your image. We offer two types of gluing for this purpose: hotmelt (economical, robust and flexible) and PUR (perfect layflat, high binding quality). We can also offer you additional special bindings thanks to our network.

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We know what basically holds your brochure together: a staple. That's why we offer you wire stitching. And thanks to our network, we can also offer you additional special types of stitching and stapling. No matter whether you need large print runs or small formats, or if you have special requests: we'll complete your orders quickly, reliably and accurately.

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Unfold your potential. With our wide range of folding options, we can help your flyers, cards or mailshots to grab more attention. We work accurately and we take the greatest of care with your advertising materials. You certainly won't find any dog-ears on the products we deliver – unless you want them, of course.

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To make sure your printed media get the attention they deserve, we can individualise everything for you: from simple cards to high-calibre brochures, regardless of the format or print run. Our Selective Binding and SmartFinishing services ensure distinctive, eye-to-eye contact with your readers. Examples include personalised salutations, regional language splits, different cover sheets, and much more besides.

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To ensure that your printed media reach their recipients by the fastest route, we deliver them to the post office as quickly as possible. Our logistics partner's trucks ensure equally rapid and reliable transport.

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Number of machines: 1

Stations:  13 (10 feeders, 3 card gluers), extendible to 15

Finished format min. 136 x 70 mm

Finished format max. 304 x 310 mm

Specialities: 2 types of gluing (hotmelt, PUR), 3 card gluers, pre-folded envelopes, ASIR sheet recognition, ORBIT triple cutter, side and back glue monitoring

KLEBEBINDER Corona, swissprinters zofingen


Number of machines: 5

Stations:  8-12 with card gluers, product samples and fold feeders

Finished format min. 105 x 148 mm

Finished format max. 305 x 475 mm

Specialities: up to 4x addressing, inline small-format folding, separation cutting, dual use, 4x addressing, option for selective binding, sheet recognition with ASIR barcode

SAMMELHEFTER, swissprinters zofingen


Number of machines: 2

Specialities: 4x addressing, option to turn product in running direction, supplement / enclosure gluing, inline pack shrinking

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