Data processing – and much more besides.


We pull out all the stops – in the pre-press phase, as you'd expect; but also when the focus is on electronic media, rather than print.

Swissprinters is your one-stop partner – which means that we design your advertising media and process your images, and we provide you with the results in media-neutral format. When you come to us, you'll communicate with one single individual who will provide professional follow-through for your project.

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Our offering includes all the services needed to produce print media, media-neutral publication data and digital content: creative work and design, photography, image processing, typography, scanning, proofreading as well as soft and hard proofing and page layout. Our core expertise also includes manual image retouching. We present your images in the best possible light – and we deliver top technical quality.

Thanks to pixobello24, our image processing portal for masking, clipping and alpha masking, ordering images in large quantities is child's play. We can process up to 500 images for you within 48 hours. Please request an offer.

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The production of any printed media – whether simple or complex – works best when the right process is used. But finding the right process calls for experience. By drawing on our know-how, we'll find the optimum solution for you.

We offer you an extensive range of different asset and content management systems, with neutral data storage and multi-channel output.

Various purchase or rent models (Software as a Service – SaaS) make budgeting for all our solutions far easier for you.

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Deadline monitoring and continuous control guarantee that the advertisements you have booked are actually produced. Technical printing corrections are implemented as a service prior to review; this also applies to colour profiles that require adaptation. This eliminates unpleasant surprises on the printing machine.

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Texte sollen auffallen – aber wenn möglich nicht wegen Schreibfehlern. Deshalb prüfen wir auf Wunsch all Ihre Texte auf Grammatik, Rechtschreibung und Stil in den Sprachen Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch und Englisch. Dabei lesen wir Ihre Texte nicht zur zweimal; wir lesen auch zwischen den Zeilen.


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Termin-Überwachung und permanente Kontrolle sichern die Produktion der gebuchten Inserate. Drucktechnische Korrekturen werden als Dienstleistung vor der Prüfung durchgeführt. Somit können Sie als unser Kunde sicher sein, dass unangenehme Überraschungen an der Druckmaschine ausgeschlossen sind


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Our Repromedia team operates as a digital print shop that ensures colour fidelity, with an optimal service offering. We offer you advice − starting with the idea and the layout design, all the way through to the finished print product.

All printed media, whether scored, folded, perforated, stitched or stapled, are produced accurately and delivered on time. We deliver small orders on the same day; larger orders are completed within two to three working days. 

Advance production runs of any quantity are easily executed.

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We'll be glad to assist you.

Walter Furrer Head of Premedia
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